What Does Wyse Guide Do For A Living? Exploring Kaleb’s Passion


If you are wondering what Kaleb Wyse, the founder of Wyse Guide, does for a living, you have come to the right place. Wyse Guide is a popular content creation platform that has gained a lot of traction on the internet. Kaleb is a prominent YouTube personality that has amassed over 100K subscribers, and his channel features lifestyle blog content.

Originating from a deep passion for the countryside lifestyle, Kaleb transitioned from a career in landscape design to become a dedicated content creator. Through Wyse Guide, he showcases his love for gardening, cooking, and home decor. Not only does he produce guide videos about life on a farm, but he also shares his expertise across his website and various social media channels.

Wyse Guide is not just a channel for entertainment; it is also an educational platform for those who are interested in learning about gardening, cooking, and home decor. Kaleb’s candid and educational approach to content creation has made him a popular figure on the internet, and his platform has inspired many people to think outside the box of what it means to live beautifully. If you want to learn more about Wyse Guide and what Kaleb does for a living, keep reading.

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Early Life and Education

Born in Iowa, USA, Kaleb Wyse, the brain behind Wyse Guide, grew up deeply embedded in rural traditions. From an early age, surrounded by the allure of the countryside, he developed a strong affinity for farming, cooking, and decorating. Consequently, he devoted a significant portion of his youth to hands-on experiences and industrious work on his family’s farm.


Life on the family farm shaped Kaleb’s formative years. Here, he embraced the ethos of hard work and commitment. Whether it was caring for animals, nurturing crops, or assisting in household tasks, Kaleb was always involved. With both parents as seasoned farmers, he had the advantage of inheriting their vast knowledge and insights into farming and agriculture.


Kaleb attended a local school in Iowa, where he excelled in his studies. He was an excellent student and participated in several extracurricular activities. After graduating from high school, Kaleb went to college, where he studied agriculture and business. He earned a degree in both fields and used his knowledge to start his own business.

Throughout his early life and education, Kaleb developed a passion for the countryside lifestyle. He used his skills and knowledge to create Wyse Guide, a lifestyle blog content channel with over 100K subscribers. On his blog, Kaleb shares his experiences and offers tips and advice on farming, cooking, and decorating. His content is informative, engaging, and inspiring, making him a popular figure on the internet.

Career Path

Curious about Wyse Guide’s profession? Kaleb Wyse quit his regular day job in December 2021 to dedicate himself entirely to creating home and garden content. His decision stemmed from a growing fanbase and trends emerging during the pandemic. In this section, we’ll explore Kaleb Wyse’s initial career and how he created Wyse Guide.

Initial Career

Before becoming a full-time content creator, Kaleb Wyse worked in the insurance industry. However, he found himself drawn to the world of home and garden content creation. He began creating content on the side while working his day job, and his following grew steadily over time.

Wyse Guide Creation

In 2012, Kaleb Wyse created Wyse Guide, a blog and YouTube channel that focuses on home and garden topics. He covers everything from cooking and canning to gardening and DIY projects. Kaleb’s unique approach to content creation has earned him a loyal following, and his videos have been viewed millions of times.

Kaleb’s passion for home and garden topics shines through in his content, and he has become a trusted source of information for his followers. His videos are informative, engaging, and often feature his own personal experiences and tips.

In conclusion, Kaleb Wyse left his insurance job to become a full-time home and garden content creator. He created Wyse Guide in 2012, and his unique approach to content creation has earned him a loyal following.

Content Creation

At its core, Wyse Guide champions content creation centered around lifestyle, home, and garden themes. Kaleb Wyse, the driving force behind this platform, crafts distinct videos that offer glimpses into his family farm life in Iowa. These videos not only educate but also entertain, reflecting his passions for gardening, cooking, and DIY endeavors.

Video Production

Video production takes center stage at Wyse Guide. Through top-notch videos, Kaleb captures moments from farm life, displays his gardening prowess, and shares his culinary expertise. Furthermore, his engaging commentary offers viewers an insider perspective. Given the impressive 100K+ subscribers on his YouTube channel, it’s evident that Wyse Guide resonates with those in search of authentic lifestyle content.

Recipe Development

Another area of focus for Wyse Guide is recipe development. Kaleb Wyse is an accomplished cook and baker, and he often shares his recipes with his followers. These recipes are often inspired by his life on the farm, and they showcase his love for fresh, locally-sourced ingredients. Whether you’re looking for a new recipe to try or just want to learn more about cooking and baking, Wyse Guide has something for everyone.

Overall, Wyse Guide is a content creation platform that produces high-quality videos and recipes that showcase Kaleb Wyse’s life on the farm. If you’re looking for lifestyle content that is informative, entertaining, and engaging, then Wyse Guide is definitely worth checking out.

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Wyse Guide has published both books and online articles to share their knowledge and expertise with their audience.


Wyse Guide boasts an array of published books. For instance, “The Wyse Guide to Gardening” offers practical guidance for cultivating diverse plants. Meanwhile, “The Wyse Guide to Cooking” delivers delectable recipes that capitalize on fresh, seasonal ingredients. Notably, these books can be acquired both from their official website and several online retailers.

Online Articles

In addition to their books, Wyse Guide regularly publishes articles on their website covering a range of topics related to gardening, cooking, and home decor. Their articles are well-researched and provide valuable information and insights for their readers. Some of their most popular articles include “10 Tips for Starting a Vegetable Garden,” “How to Make Homemade Jam,” and “5 DIY Home Decor Projects for Under $50.”

Wyse Guide also contributes articles to other online publications, such as Tasteful Recipes, where they share their expertise on cooking and gardening with a wider audience.

Overall, Wyse Guide’s publications are a valuable resource for anyone interested in gardening, cooking, and home decor. Their books and online articles provide practical advice and inspiration for creating a beautiful and sustainable home environment.

Awards and Recognition

Wyse Guide has gained recognition for its unique content and engaging presentation. Kaleb Wyse, behind Wyse Guide, earned recognition in various publications and media channels. In 2019, Feedspot listed him among the top 100 YouTube channels. Additionally, The Gazette highlighted his channel, commending his practical approach to cooking, gardening, and home-related content.” The campaign highlighting Iowa’s culinary scene received acclaim for its inventive approach and impact.

Beyond these accolades, various organizations have acknowledged Wyse Guide’s positive community influence. Mount Pleasant News named Kaleb Wyse among the “40 Under 40” in 2020

Overall, Wyse Guide has gained a reputation for its high-quality content and engaging presentation. Its creator, Kaleb Wyse, has been recognized for his contributions to the community and his innovative approach to content creation.

Personal Life

Kaleb Wyse is a content creator and the founder of Wyse Guide, a lifestyle blog content channel that focuses on the farm and countryside lifestyle. He left his day job as a landscape designer to pursue content creation for his website and social media channels full time. Since then, he has gained a significant following and has become a prominent figure on the internet.

In his personal life, Kaleb is married to his partner, who is also involved in the content creation process. Together, they run their farm and create content for Wyse Guide. They have a deep appreciation for the outdoors, nature, and sustainable living.

Kaleb’s passion for the outdoors and gardening is evident in his content. He shares his knowledge and expertise on various topics, including gardening, cooking, and home décor. Kaleb’s content is both informative and entertaining, and he has a unique way of engaging his audience.

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In conclusion, Wyse Guide is a successful blogger and content creator who has built a career around his passions for gardening, cooking, and rural lifestyle. Through his YouTube channel and blog, he shares his experiences and expertise with a growing audience of fans and followers.

With a focus on providing practical advice and inspiration, Wyse Guide’s content is both informative and engaging. Whether you’re an experienced gardener or just starting out, his tips and tricks can help you get the most out of your own green space. And if you’re looking for new recipes to try, his cooking videos are sure to inspire.

Overall, Wyse Guide’s success is a testament to the power of pursuing your passions and sharing your knowledge with others. By staying true to his interests and creating content that resonates with his audience, he has built a thriving career doing what he loves.

If you’re looking to learn more about gardening, cooking, or rural living, Wyse Guide is definitely worth checking out. With a wealth of knowledge and experience to share, he’s sure to inspire and inform you on your own journey.


How does Wyse Guide make his money?

Wyse Guide is a content creation platform that focuses on home and garden-related topics. Caleb Wyse, the host of Wyse Guide, quit his day job in landscape design to pursue content creation for his website and social media channels full time. He earns money through various means, including sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and merchandise sales. Caleb has partnered with several brands to create sponsored content, and he also earns commissions through affiliate marketing by promoting products he uses and recommends. Additionally, Caleb sells merchandise such as t-shirts, hats, and aprons, which are available for purchase on his website.

Where does Caleb Wyse live?

Raised in Iowa, Caleb Wyse hails from a farming lineage, being the fourth generation on his family’s land. This deep-rooted connection fostered his love for gardening and food preservation. In fact, it was on this very farm that he gleaned these skills and techniques directly from his family.

Who is the host of Wyse Guide?

Kaleb Wyse is the dynamic host of Wyse Guide. As a content creator, gardener, and preservationist, he launched Wyse Guide to share his vast knowledge. Through his website, social media, and YouTube videos, he offers a fresh take on gardening and food preservation. Ultimately, Kaleb aims to motivate and teach others to cultivate and preserve their own food.

Recipes Tasteful is a great resource for finding delicious recipes to use with your homegrown produce. Check it out for some inspiration! Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about gardening and preserving food, be sure to check out Wyse Guide’s website and social media channels.

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