What is the Grimace Shake made from? A Mystery Unveiled


If you’re a fan of McDonald’s, then you’ve probably heard of the Grimace Shake. McDonald’s released this limited edition milkshake in June 2023 during the Grimace Birthday Meal promotion, and it instantly went viral. But what ingredients make up the Purple Berry Shake?

According to recipestasteful.com, it is a berry-flavored milkshake that features a creamy vanilla soft serve blended with Grimace shake syrup and finished with a whipped topping. The shake syrup is what gives the recipe its signature purple hue and sweet flavor. The syrup is made from a combination of fruit juices and extracts, including blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry.

If you’re curious about the taste of the Shake, McDonald’s Twitter account describes it as “inspired by Grimace’s iconic color and sweetness.” People have also described it as fruity, creamy, and refreshing. It’s no wonder that it became such a hit on social media, with fans dressing up in blursed cosplay and posting about the shake under the hashtag #GrimaceShake.

History of the Grimace Shake

If you’re a fan of McDonald’s, you might have heard of the recipe. McDonald’s restaurants in the United States offered this limited edition milkshake from June 12 to July 9, 2023, as part of the Grimace Birthday Meal promotion.

According to Wikipedia, the recipe was a berry-flavored milkshake. People don’t know the Grimace Shake’s exact ingredients, but many believe it combines berries, ice cream, and milk. The shake was purple in color, which is fitting for a drink named after the purple monster Grimace, who is one of the mascots of McDonald’s.

the Purple Berry Shake became popular on social media, with many people sharing videos of themselves trying the shake. The shake was also the subject of a TikTok trend, where people would pretend to faint after drinking it. The energetic response from fans turned the promotion into a celebration of Grimace as a queer icon, with people dressing in blursed cosplay for social-media posts about the birthday.

A TikToker named Austin Frazier invented the Grimace Shake. In an interview with Insider, he discussed the viral TikTok and shared how the character Grimace inspired him to design a drink matching his color. He experimented with different ingredients until he found the perfect combination of berries, ice cream, and milk.

Main Ingredients of the Grimace Shake

If you’re wondering what the Purple Berry Shake is made of, you’re not alone. This popular McDonald’s shake has been a mystery for years, with no official recipe released by the fast-food giant. However, a few ingredients stand out as commonly agreed upon by home chefs trying to recreate the shake.

The main ingredients of the Purple Berry Shake are vanilla ice cream, milk, and Berry Syrup. According to McDonald’s, the Berry Syrup is a secret mix of fruity syrups that gives the shake its distinct purple color and berry flavor. Reports from customers suggest that the syrup tastes like a combination of fruit, berries, and birthday cake.

To make your own Purple Berry Shake at home, you’ll need to start with a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. Add milk to thin out the mixture and make it easier to blend. Finally, add a generous amount of Berry Syrup to give the shake its signature flavor and color.

It’s worth noting that there are many variations of the Purple Berry Shake recipe online, with some including additional ingredients like blueberries, raspberries, and even spirulina powder. However, the vanilla ice cream, milk, and Berry Syrup are the basic building blocks of the shake.

If you’re looking for a delicious and easy-to-make milkshake recipe that’s sure to satisfy your sweet tooth, the Purple Berry Shake is a great choice. With its fruity flavor and rich, creamy texture, it’s no wonder this shake has become a fan favorite over the years.

For more milkshake recipes and inspiration, be sure to check out recipestasteful.com. And if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try adding your own twist to the Purple Berry Shake recipe and see what delicious creations you can come up with?

Process of Making the Grimace Shake

To make the Purple Berry Shake, you will need a few ingredients that can be easily found at your local grocery store. The exact recipe is a secret, but with this copycat recipe, you can make a delicious version of the shake at home.

First, gather the following ingredients:

  • Vanilla ice cream
  • Milk
  • Blue raspberry Kool-Aid mix
  • Red food coloring
  • Whipped cream (optional)

To start, blend 2 cups of vanilla ice cream and 1/2 cup of milk in a blender until smooth. Next, add 2 tablespoons of blue raspberry Kool-Aid mix and 4 drops of red food coloring. Blend again until the mixture is a deep purple color.

If the mixture is too thick, add more milk until it reaches your desired consistency. Pour the shake into a tall glass and top with whipped cream, if desired.

It’s important to note that the exact recipe for the Purple Berry Shake is a secret, so this copycat recipe may not be exactly the same as the original. However, it’s a tasty alternative that’s easy to make at home.

To make the process easier, you can use an ice cream scoop to measure out the ice cream and a measuring cup for the milk. You can also adjust the amount of Kool-Aid mix and food coloring to your liking.

Nutritional Value

If you’re wondering about the nutritional value of the shake, you’ve come to the right place. Many adore this iconic McDonald’s shake. Recipestasteful.com states that they make the recipe from vanilla soft serve ice cream, Shamrock Shake syrup, and grape Jolly Rancher syrup. They blend these ingredients to craft a sweet and fruity shake suitable for any occasion.

While it is undoubtedly delicious, it’s important to note that it’s not the healthiest option out there. In fact, it’s quite high in calories and sugar. A small Grimace Shake contains approximately 560 calories and 80 grams of sugar. That’s more than double the recommended daily intake of sugar for most adults.

If you’re looking to indulge in a Grimace Shake, it’s best to do so in moderation. Consider sharing it with a friend or opting for a smaller size. You can also try making a healthier version at home using fresh fruit and low-fat dairy alternatives.

In conclusion, the recipe is a tasty treat that should be enjoyed in moderation. While it may not be the healthiest option out there, it’s a fun and nostalgic treat that’s perfect for satisfying your sweet tooth. Just remember to balance it out with a healthy diet and regular exercise.

Variations of the Grimace Shake

If you’re a fan of the Grimace Shake, you may be interested in trying out some variations of this classic McDonald’s treat. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Oreo Grimace Shake: Crush up some Oreo cookies and mix them into your vanilla soft serve and berry flavors for a delicious twist on the classic Grimace Shake. You can find a recipe for this variation on recipestasteful.com.
  • Chocolate Grimace Shake: If you’re a chocolate lover, try adding some chocolate syrup or cocoa powder to your Grimace Shake for a rich and decadent treat.
  • Mint Grimace Shake: Add a splash of mint extract to your Grimace Shake for a refreshing twist on this classic dessert.
  • Peanut Butter Grimace Shake: Mix in some peanut butter or peanut butter cups for a creamy and delicious variation on the Grimace Shake.
  • Strawberry Grimace Shake: Swap out the berry flavors for some fresh strawberries to create a fruity and refreshing shake.

No matter what variation you choose, the Grimace Shake is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. So why not try out a few of these ideas and see which one becomes your new favorite?

Remember, you can always experiment with different ingredients and flavors to create your own unique twist on this classic treat. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can even try making your own recipe at home using a recipe like the one found on recipestasteful.com.

Popularity and Reception

The recipe is trending on social media. The TikTok hashtag #grimaceshake has garnered over 689 million views by October 2023. The trend involves people trying it and sharing their reactions online. The trend has helped boost McDonald’s sales, according to a report by Fortune.

Despite its popularity, it has received mixed reviews. it is popular but has mixed reviews. Dane Rivera from Uproxx labeled it McDonald’s best milkshake flavor. Delish praised it as a super sweet berry smoothie. Yet, some criticize its taste, with a TikToker likening it to cough syrup”.

The Grimace Shake’s unique flavor has also been a topic of debate online. Some say the shake tastes like grape, while others find it a blueberry-raspberry mix. McDonald’s hasn’t revealed the shake’s exact ingredients. However, many believe it has grape syrup and blue coloring.

Despite the mixed reviews and speculation about its ingredients, the Purple Berry Shake remains a popular item on McDonald’s menu. If you want to try making your own version of the recipe at home, you can find recipes and tutorials online at recipestasteful.com.


In conclusion, the Grimace Shake is a beloved beverage that has captured the attention of millions. The unique berry flavor and vibrant purple color make it stand out from other milkshakes. According to a source, the Purple Berry Shake was introduced as part of Grimace’s Birthday Meal and has since become a viral sensation on TikTok.

If you’re wondering what the Purple Berry Shake is made of, it is a combination of vanilla soft serve and berry flavors. The exact recipe may vary depending on the location, but you can make your own version at home with this detailed recipe.

To make the Grimace Shake, you will need vanilla ice cream, milk, and your choice of berry flavoring. You can use fresh berries or berry syrup to achieve the desired flavor and color. Simply blend the ingredients together until smooth and creamy, and enjoy!

In summary, the Grimace Shake is a delicious and unique beverage that has captured the hearts of many. Whether you’re a fan of the character or just looking for a tasty treat, the Grimace Shake is definitely worth a try.


What is the Grimace shake syrup made of?

The Grimace Shake is a popular milkshake from McDonald’s that has a unique flavor. The Grimace Shake syrup blends ingredients like sugar, high fructose corn syrup, water, flavors, citric acid, and sodium benzoate. The syrup is then mixed with milk and ice cream to create the Grimace Shake. If you want to make your own version of the Grimace Shake at home, you can try using a recipe from recipestasteful.com.

What is the Grimace shake flavor?

The Grimace Shake is a berry-flavored milkshake that offers a unique taste to customers. The exact flavor of the Grimace Shake is not disclosed by McDonald’s, but it is known to have a fruity and sweet taste. Some people have described the flavor as a combination of blueberry and grape. If you want to try the Grimace Shake yourself, you can order it at any McDonald’s that offers the shake.

What can the Grimace shake do to you?

The Grimace Shake is a delicious treat that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It is a great way to satisfy your sweet tooth and cool down on a hot day. However, like all sweet treats, it should be consumed in moderation. The Grimace Shake is calorie-rich and sugary. It’s not ideal for those on a diet or with diabetes. If concerned about its nutrition, consult a doctor or nutritionist.

Where did the Grimace shake come from?

McDonald’s introduced the Grimace Shake in the 1990s as part of Grimace’s Birthday Meal, which also featured a Big Mac and medium fries. Grimace belongs to McDonaldland, a fictional realm McDonald’s designed to market their products. Facts.net suggests that Grimace’s iconic color inspired the shake. The shake gained immediate popularity among McDonald’s patrons and has since secured its spot on the menu.

For more information on the McDonald’s Grimace shake, visit recipestasteful.com.

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